What are the benefits of English for your profession?

Learning English for your profession can be indispensable; In fact, within many areas of working life, you may need to know terms in this language, even as part of the components of a product or to be able to move freely within a computer through the use of its operating system.

English-speaking professionals generally earn a higher rate of income videos porno gay as part of their salary; while on the other hand they tend to be more in demand within the labor market.

Since this gives them the opportunity to have a qualified staff to serve potential clients who require their services and who are speakers of this language; So learning English is a vital tool today, if you want to stand out in the business world and achieve better and better jobs.

Benefits of English for your profession

Surely you are wondering how many doors can be opened within the business world, if you increase your knowledge of the English language?.

Initially, we can tell you that many companies are interested in having bilingual professionals more than professionals with many studies but no knowledge of the English language. But in addition to all this you can enjoy the following benefits:

Have access to a series of information and knowledge that is only published in English, which will give you a considerable advantage over other professionals.

English for your profession

• You will stand out in your work, since in many companies 90% of their best positions are held by bilingual people, which makes you a candidate to occupy it based on your professional performance.
• By handling the English language you can find a job quickly, earning a salary that allows you to lead a stable life and increase your professional knowledge.
• You can expand your network of contacts at a professional level, you will meet and share with a wide group of people who are part of other cultures, which offers you a way to increase your command of the English language.
• You can work in many other countries of the world within which the English language is used; which will increase your professional career even if you are part of a branch of a company in which you are currently working.
• You will be a fully qualified professional to establish cursos de microblading international business relationships on behalf of the company for which you provide your services.
• Mastering the English language is a card that will identify you as qualified personnel to promote to a managerial position; since this will be added to your good management as a professional.
• If you want to be part of the new entrepreneurs, undoubtedly by knowing the English language you will have at least part of your path traveled, the rest will gradually take place as you begin to experiment within the commercial world.
• You can take advantage of this language to explore other fields of work, even to start your studies in another profession. You will have a breadth of horizons that will open up just by being diferencias entre microblading y micropigmentación a bilingual professional.
• Through your command of the English language, you acquire a broad vision of progress and give yourself an incentive to continue improving yourself, by taking advantage of each of the benefits you get from being a professional who handles English.

As you can see, learning English offers you a series of benefits that allow you to grow within the professional field; With it you will stand out and ascend quickly within your job, as long as you demonstrate your knowledge and put it into practice within each of your work activities.

Speaking English is a business card that allows you to enter privileged work circles; it is only necessary that you learn to handle it in your favor.

Current applications to practice languages

The technological advances that are being experienced in recent years have allowed the creation of applications to practice languages; which are used through the resources available through the internet and access to electronic devices.

Many people currently have smart phones and tablets, which allow them to download a series of paid or free applications through their operating systems, with which to practice the most frequently used languages ​​in the world.

One of these systems is undoubtedly Android within which you will find many applications available in Spanish so that you can expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation of the language you choose.

Also as part of these tools, you can practice grammar, essential when you want to write a text in the language you are studying.

Best apps to practice languages

The range of applications that you will find is very wide, but as part of this post, we have selected for you only the best ones, so that you can make the most of your learning; look at them.


This is a free application with a wide reputation in the world; Within it you can choose a large number of popular languages ​​such as English, French, Italian or Portuguese and some not as frequent as the case of Japanese or Hebrew, in addition to many others.

It will allow you to overcome challenges, fill out surveys and play mini-games through which you learn the chosen language in a fun and entertaining way.

Google translate

A translator that allows you to properly write each one of the sentences that you introduce; from a language known to you to the one you want to bring it to.

You can write for example How can I improve my English? In ver porno Spanish and he will translate it into English if it is the requested language as follows: How can I improve my English? Something perfect for your learning.


This is a new application from the giant Duolingo, sexo gratis which allows you to practice using cards with which you speed up your memory and increase your knowledge.

You have more than 200,000 cards, so you can increase your vocabulary in a fun way and choosing the lessons according to your personal tastes.


This application has popular languages ​​such as English, escorts bcn, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Turkish and Arabic.

With it you will be part of a community within which you can share with native speakers and at the end of your course you will be able to obtain official certificates, which endorse your learning of the language you have chosen.

applications to practice languages


This application has a database and expressions in English that will allow you to quickly pronounce each word of the language you are studying. For example, in the case of English, it will be possible to repeat each word until you achieve the proper pronunciation.

In addition, this innovative learning tool offers you a series of hints and aids so that you can quickly improve your pronunciation. It is an application that you can use for free for seven days, but to continue using it, you must pay a subscription.


With this type of application you will enjoy memorizing words in various languages. You can download a trial version, but to have the entire course offered within it, it will be necessary to unlock it through a monthly sexo online subscription.


Perhaps you have heard of this application to learn languages, within which in just 10 minutes you will learn a large number of words, which you can take advantage of during your free time.

Its program is based on retaining what you have learned so far, so that in this way you increase your vocabulary and begin to speak the language you have chosen fluently; but to fully unlock it you need to pay a monthly subscription.

Take advantage of the applications that allow you to practice languages ​​and although not all of them are free; They have sample versions that give you an idea of ​​the learning you can achieve by using them; enjoy them.

What is the verb To Be and how is it used?

Learning the English language is a tool that gives you many opportunities for expansion both within your studies and at a professional level.

Its grammar is very important since the meaning of each term depends on it and as part of this it is necessary that you learn to handle the verb To Be fluently and how you should use it within each sentence.

What is to be verb?

This verb means to be, to have or to be; depending on the words by which it is accompanied or the context within which it is used.
It can well be used as the main verb within a sentence or as an auxiliary. In the case of sentences in the past and present, it is used as an irregular verb.

The main thing is that you learn to conjugate this verb, so that you avoid getting confused during the structuring of each sentence.

Conjugation of the verb To Be

To learn how the verb To Be is used within the English language, take note of the following conjugations:


The conjugation of this verb for each person will be I am, you are, he / she / it is.

While in the case of using plurals such as we, you, They, it is necessary to conjugate it using the term are.

verb To Be


In the past tense you should know that most of the pronouns are conjugated using were; but with the exception of I, he, she, it, in which case it is necessary that you use the term was.

Past participle

At this time considered as its perfect form, been is used and also the progressive form typically identified by being.

Tenses of the verb To Be

When constructing a sentence, you generally do it affirmatively, negatively, or as a question; for which it is necessary that you know how to handle the verb tenses of To Be, as indicated below:


In the present tense you use the verb To be, when it is necessary to refer to something that is happening, that is affirmative and that it is basic information, for which you will use is or are, depending on whether it is one or more people.


• I’m hungry (I’m hungry)
• María is hungry (María is hungry)
• She is hungry (she is hungry)
• He is hungry (he is hungry)
• They are hungry (they are hungry)
• we are hungry (we are hungry)


In this case, you will refer to a real event that happened in the past, so you need to use was or were depending on the person. That is, if it is I, she or he, you will use was, while in the case of we or They, you will use were.


• José was tired (José was tired)
• José was not sick (José was not sick)
• Was José sick? (Was Joseph sick?)
• They were sick (they were sick)
• They weren’t sick (they weren’t sick)
• They were sick? (They were sick?)


When he speaks in the future, he must use the term Will be, to mention the one who is about to succeed.


• Dinner will be tomorrow at eleven (Dinner will be tomorrow at eleven)
• Dinner will not be tomorrow at eleven (dinner will not be tomorrow at eleven)
• Will dinner be tomorrow at eleven? (Will dinner be tomorrow at eleven?

The verb To Be is one of the first that you learn to handle when you begin your learning of this language; since it is associated with many other structures; so it is essential that you know how to handle it fluently.

It is necessary that you practice the conjugation and each of the tenses of this verb, since depending on them, as you have been able to observe through the examples, the meaning of the sentence changes completely.

Assimilate this process properly and you will be able to communicate through affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences efficiently and using the appropriate vocabulary.

The best series to learn English

In order to learn to speak the English language fluently, it is necessary to practice correctly pronouncing your vocabulary; In addition to properly understanding its meaning, something that you can achieve in a fun way, watching series to learn English.

Not all the movies that you watch on your television will help you to achieve a good learning; since in some of them the characters can speak quickly or use terms that you cannot grasp.

But by reading this post we will recommend you some of the best series to learn English that you can take advantage of to expand your knowledge quickly; take note of them.

Why watch series to learn English?

The experts within the best English courses recommend that one of the fastest ways to master this language is by listening, as long as its contents are adapted to your level of basic knowledge.

The most important thing in this sense, is that you begin to train your ear so that you can identify some of the words and phrases that are used by the characters, familiarizing yourself with their pronunciation and associating them with their respective meanings.

Try to carry out this activity with complete freedom, choosing the theme that you like and where a vocabulary is used that expands what you have learned during your classes and that allows you to improve your pronunciation; while you take advantage of your free time, enjoying your favorite series and at the same time you will be studying English.

Ideal series to learn English

There are several series that will allow you to improve your learning of the English language, some of them are recommended according to your basic knowledge within this language, take note.

Basic level

If you have the basic knowledge of the English language, we recommend that you take advantage of series like Welcome to Sweden based on the life of Bruce, an accountant from New York who decides to live with his girlfriend in Sweden.

Its theme is romantic comedy, which will allow you to learn through dialogues of non-native main characters.

There is also Sense 8 in which you will enjoy the story of eight strangers who are connected after a tragic death. You may be interested in learning about the fall of Pablo Escobar by watching the Narcos series, while you practice listening to the dialogues of Spanish-speaking characters.

Intermediate level

Once you increase your learning, you can expand it even more by watching the world-famous series of Friends that recounts the life of a group of eternal friends who live in Manhattan.

It is a series recommended by many English teachers, as it is understandable and allows you to quickly train your ear, through the use of everyday terms within the English language.

If you like comics, you can enjoy the adventures of The Simpsons, a satire series on American society, in which its middle-class characters live funny moments within the city of Springfield.

series to learn English

Comedy series are one of the genres that will facilitate your learning, as is the case of Modern Family where you will learn about the life of a married couple with children, a family out of the ordinary and a man who is married to a young woman.

One of the outstanding aspects of this series is that its characters use colloquial language, within which you can quickly grasp the content of all their dialogues; while you laugh out loud at each of their occurrences.

We end our tour by suggesting the Stranger Things series within which you have the opportunity to learn dialogues associated with the mystery genre; since it is about the disappearance of a child within a town that is being affected by secret and supernatural experiments.