The best series to learn English

In order to learn to speak the English language fluently, it is necessary to practice correctly pronouncing your vocabulary; In addition to properly understanding its meaning, something that you can achieve in a fun way, watching series to learn English.

Not all the movies that you watch on your television will help you to achieve a good learning; since in some of them the characters can speak quickly or use terms that you cannot grasp.

But by reading this post we will recommend you some of the best series to learn English that you can take advantage of to expand your knowledge quickly; take note of them.

Why watch series to learn English?

The experts within the best English courses recommend that one of the fastest ways to master this language is by listening, as long as its contents are adapted to your level of basic knowledge.

The most important thing in this sense, is that you begin to train your ear so that you can identify some of the words and phrases that are used by the characters, familiarizing yourself with their pronunciation and associating them with their respective meanings.

Try to carry out this activity with complete freedom, choosing the theme that you like and where a vocabulary is used that expands what you have learned during your classes and that allows you to improve your pronunciation; while you take advantage of your free time, enjoying your favorite series and at the same time you will be studying English.

Ideal series to learn English

There are several series that will allow you to improve your learning of the English language, some of them are recommended according to your basic knowledge within this language, take note.

Basic level

If you have the basic knowledge of the English language, we recommend that you take advantage of series like Welcome to Sweden based on the life of Bruce, an accountant from New York who decides to live with his girlfriend in Sweden.

Its theme is romantic comedy, which will allow you to learn through dialogues of non-native main characters.

There is also Sense 8 in which you will enjoy the story of eight strangers who are connected after a tragic death. You may be interested in learning about the fall of Pablo Escobar by watching the Narcos series, while you practice listening to the dialogues of Spanish-speaking characters.

Intermediate level

Once you increase your learning, you can expand it even more by watching the world-famous series of Friends that recounts the life of a group of eternal friends who live in Manhattan.

It is a series recommended by many English teachers, as it is understandable and allows you to quickly train your ear, through the use of everyday terms within the English language.

If you like comics, you can enjoy the adventures of The Simpsons, a satire series on American society, in which its middle-class characters live funny moments within the city of Springfield.

series to learn English

Comedy series are one of the genres that will facilitate your learning, as is the case of Modern Family where you will learn about the life of a married couple with children, a family out of the ordinary and a man who is married to a young woman.

One of the outstanding aspects of this series is that its characters use colloquial language, within which you can quickly grasp the content of all their dialogues; while you laugh out loud at each of their occurrences.

We end our tour by suggesting the Stranger Things series within which you have the opportunity to learn dialogues associated with the mystery genre; since it is about the disappearance of a child within a town that is being affected by secret and supernatural experiments.

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